Top 10 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools To Find Winning Ads

Top 10 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools To Find Winning Ads
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Are you struggling to come up with effective Facebook ads? Do you want to know what’s working for other advertisers in your niche? Look no further, as Best Spy Tools have compiled a list of the top 10 Facebook ads spy tools that will help you find winning ads.

What is a Facebook Ads Spy tool?

Facebook Ads Spy tools are often web-based software that allows you to monitor some vital data that can be used to develop plans for your own social media marketing campaign.

Aside from SEO-optimized posts and customer conversations, digital firms mostly employ social media advertisements to market their brands, goods, and services. Online advertising on Facebook via Facebook Ads is one of the greatest and most researched social media ecosystems.

What is a Facebook Ads Spy tool?
What is a Facebook Ads Spy tool?

When you utilize an ad spy tool to precisely monitor ad data such as creative content, target audience, keywords, and so on, such tool is known as a Facebook ads spy tool. Such tools often give the following broadly classified Facebook Ads platform information:

  • Your competitor’s digital firm produced and released Facebook Ads creatives.
  • How the rival positions their Facebook advertising to increase the return on investment (ROI).
  • It indicates how you should arrange your social media advertising to outperform your competitors.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Ads Spy Tool?

Ads spyware is largely comprised of site data scraping, analysis, and visualization capabilities. You’ll need one to gather information on how your competitors sell their items on social media platforms like Facebook.

  • Get access to a wealth of Facebook Ads data about your company’s rivals.
  • Import data from a trustworthy Facebook advertising spy tool to create an integrated social media campaign on a budget.
  • Create a more inventive plan than your competitors.
  • Replace the current digital media strategy with a better one.
  • Bring some of the ad campaigns into the mainstream if they grow static.

Top 10 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Are you looking to launch a successful Facebook ad campaign but don’t know how to spy on facebook ads? One of the best ways to get inspiration and insights is spy facebook ads of competitors. In this blog post, we will reveal the top 10 tool spy ads facebook that will help you find winning ads and boost your own campaign’s performance.


In PowerAdSpy, a deep creative analysis provides your landing page URL and the latest social media view, so you can check which platform saw it most recently. The application can monitor Facebook, Google, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, and native Facebook advertisements, making it one of the most powerful espionage tools.

This Facebook advertising research tool helps marketers move beyond creative concepts and ad content to the marketing mix. PowerAdSpy searches for advertising by keyword, domain, and advertiser. The latest advertising, longest-running ads, social interaction data, and landing page attributes may rank the results.

If you limit the results by precise criteria, you might identify campaigns that match your aims and interests. This tool makes finding and analyzing sales funnels easy. The call-to-action filter helps marketers identify what activities they want consumers to take, which we value.


Key features of PowerAdSpy

  • URLs, creatives, and last engagement dates.
  • Spying on Google Ads, Display, etc. is feasible.
  • Very useful for seeing beyond the creative.
  • Search ads by term, domain, and advertiser.
  • Sort advertising by newest, longest-running, and social engagement.


Google and social media ad spy BigSpy enables agencies, corporations, and individuals investigate advertising tactics in the cloud. To spy ads facebook, optimize marketing strategies, you may monitor advertising patterns.

Additionally, it provides access to a massive library of worldwide Facebook advertising. Search tools provide sophisticated sorting and filtering.


With BigSpy, you may generate innovative ideas from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Admob, Pinterest, etc. Marketing professionals may browse the web app for the freshest and most viral commercials.

Key features of BigSpy

  • 850 million Ads Database
  • Search by marketing objectives and CTA
  • Find the top and trending creatives in your market.
  • Favorite the creative or advertiser from the list of search results


Minea is a spy tool for several social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat). This makes it the product search tool with the greatest ad variety.

Minea monitors social media and archives adverts in its library. Since it spies on various networks, the instrument has several databases. We have separate ad libraries for Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok. You’ll also receive filters to improve your product search depending on what you desire.


Minea gives all the ad data required to choose a successful product. The second tool, shop analysis, lets you examine rivals and find the best market tactics. This tool has efficient filters to find rivals based on your requirements.

Copying a store’s URL and searching Minea lets you study it immediately. The influencer marketing analysis tool is Minea’s last helpful function. Minea goes farther and lets you snoop on rivals’ product placements. The promotions and influencers they work with are obvious.

Key features of MINEA

  • Product search
  • Shop research
  • Influencer marketing analysis
  • Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Business Center Dashboard


Dropispy can help you study your competitors’ marketing strategy and enhance revenues for your dropshipping company by evaluating their marketing approaches. It is critical that you utilize this tool appropriately in order to profit from the information offered in order for your marketing plan to be productive.

This facebook ad spy tool is aimed squarely at e-commerce firms and drop-shippers. You may use this tool to observe what sorts of Facebook promotions your dropshipping rivals are conducting and how they promote their items on Facebook.


You will be able to build and alter your own dropshipping plan with Dropispy, ensuring that you will always be one step ahead of your competition by being focused on your dropshipping strategy. This Facebook ads spy tool allows you to watch Facebook advertising campaigns since it has millions of advertisements, with thousands uploaded every day. Furthermore, based on a list of successful items, this tool can help you uncover winning products and provide ideas for finding new markets for your products.

Key features of Dropispy

  • The top dropshipping shops around.
  • Detects rival e-commerce product promotion.
  • Helps create a better marketing approach.
  • Shows your rivals’ dropshipping business.
  • List includes winning goods, fresh ideas, and niches.


SocialAdSpyder is a strong and flexible solution for contemporary advertising. It searches, analyzes, and tracks advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Meta Audience Network.


This social ad competitive intelligence will assist you determine what’s working and uncover useful information you may have missed. SocialAdSpyder has around 2.3 million adverts in 150 countries. Meta, Facebook, Instagram advertisements, and more have accumulated in the previous four to five years.

Key features of SocialAdSpyder

  • Classified Affiliate Ads
  • 190 categorized ad types
  • 1-Click eCommerce Ads
  • Multiple Search Options
  • Full Ad Details


AdvertSuite has tens of millions of Facebook adverts. They also support Instagram, YouTube, and Google advertisements. However, these platforms need an upgrade to see adverts (I’ll discuss upsells later). The main solution supports just Facebook advertisements, which I use most.

On their wonderfully designed website, they pitch AdvertSuite as a way to see what advertisements work for others and copy them in any niche, saving you money on testing. However, mindlessly copying others is not a viable company model. You must also test your product offers, advertisements, landing sites, etc.


The tool is more like a research platform. AdvertSuite lets you browse and filter other adverts for inspiration. I gain plenty of ideas from watching others, analyzing why it works, and then applying it to my Facebook advertising efforts.

Key features of AdvertSuite

  • Remove The Guesswork Of FB Ads
  • Generate Buyer Traffic
  • Competitors Breakdown
  • Largest Facebook Ads Database
  • Demographic & Engagement Filters
  • Geo Location Filters
  • Integration of video and image Ads
  • Call To Action Based Sorting
  • Ad Position Filtering
  • Funnel Breakdown Module
  • Over 80 Million NEW Ads and Ad Types
  • Social Media AI Syndication
  • Find winning Ecom products & Ads in ANY Niche


You can trust DropTrends to monitor and analyze dropshipping trends. Its reliable and up-to-date information helps dropshippers make educated selections. The platform’s product research, competitive analysis, and market data may help find lucrative prospects. DropTrends is praised for its user-friendly layout and extensive data.


Key features of DropTrends

  • Large database about ecommerce stores from around the world.
  • Millions of social media ads (Facebook,Instagram,Tiktok
  • Winner Products from the Facebook & Instagram & Tiktok
  • The latest rising product in AliExpress & Amazon

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is a SaaS application that helps dropshippers find profitable goods for their eCommerce sites, whether on Shopify, WooCommerce, or elsewhere. This spy tool helps in dropshipping product research by monitoring other Shopify shops and Aliexpress. Most dropshippers utilize the Niche Scraper, which is simple to use for those who are comfortable with the internet.

Niche Scraper
Niche Scraper

Key features of Niche Scraper

  • Lots of helpful winning product data
  • View the best selling goods on AliExpress and Shopify sites, together with their current sales trends
  • Amazing slideshow video commercials using basic productimages
  • Cheap, with the yearly plan being much cheaper
  • Can pay for subscriptions using credit, debit, and PayPal
  • Simple tutorials and instructions
  • The dashboard is intuitive
  • Dedicated Facebook Group

Connect Explore

ConnectExplore was designed by Wilco De Krej, a Facebook advertising specialist, to promote successful Facebook advertising campaigns. This marketing tool, unlike others, advises against merely replicating a competitor’s marketing effort for the sake of copying since it is one of the most beneficial tools accessible.

It is feasible to automate and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns using a variety of tools that may be used in combination with one another to ensure a successful campaign. In essence, it is a Facebook interest-based targeting tool that helps you to find new audiences for your Facebook advertising and ranks them based on return on investment.

Connect Explore
Connect Explore

Looking at what your rivals are promoting might provide fresh prospects. Based on what your rivals are promoting, Connect Explore identifies fresh possibilities. Furthermore, by layering information on each individual, this technique allows the discovery of untapped audiences and the targeting of motivated audiences across a number of interest groups.

Key features of Connect Explore

  • Free spy tools facebook ads: automate and optimize ads on Facebook
  • New audiences and possibilities
  • Analysis of competitors’ advertising
  • Finds an untapped audience and layers
  • Motivates diverse audiences

Social Ad Scout

You will discover various targeting choices with SocialAdScout that will be quite handy. You may apply more filters to your search results, as well as targeted alternatives and live creatives that you can engage with right from the results page. With this Facebook advertising spy plugin, you may create desktop, mobile, and other types of advertisements, as well as get real-time information on ads in 21 countries.

You may use this tool to monitor affiliate programs that employ redirects. To keep track of affiliate marketing, it integrates with tracking tools such as Voluum. This tool finds affiliate programs that employ redirection, among other things.

Social Ad Scout
Social Ad Scout

This facebook spy tool free may help internet marketers understand what their rivals are doing in terms of segmentation and targeting since it gives a variety of information about their techniques. Aside from that, this tool provides a wealth of precise demographic and audience targeting data, which is essential for a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

Key features of Social Ad Scout

  • spy on facebook ads targeting
  • In-depth demographic and target audience analysis.
  • There is an online tool for downloading landing pages.
  • You’ll like the many targeting possibilities available to you.
  • Your search results may be filtered in a variety of ways.
  • Display your advertisements everywhere, on any device.


In conclusion, if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the world of online advertising, using Facebook Ads Spy Tools is essential. These tools allow you to uncover the strategies and techniques behind successful Facebook advertising campaigns, giving you valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. With the help of these tools, you can find winning ads, replicate them for your own business, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates and greater profits. So, don’t underestimate the power of Facebook Ads Spy Tools – they can revolutionize your advertising game and take your business to new heights.

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