AMZScout Review – Your Ultimate Guide To Amazon FBA Product Research

AMZScout Review - Your Ultimate Guide To Amazon FBA Product Research
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Are you looking to start selling on Amazon? Finding the right products with the maximum potential can be a challenge. In this AMZScout review, I’ll show you how to do comprehensive product research and maximize your Amazon profits.

What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is an all-in-one tool that provides Amazon sellers with the necessary data and insights to make informed decisions about their FBA business. With AMZScout, you can quickly and easily find profitable products, analyze the competition, and track your sales on Amazon.


AMZScout is a top resource for Amazon sellers. Its product and market data research tool may help your business thrive. This program can also estimate income and product searches. You’ll understand business and customer acquisition.

AMZScout gives Amazon sellers historical price and product rankings. It helps sellers forecast monthly sales by evaluating product listing quality.

Who can benefit from AMZScout?

AMZScout may be beneficial for anybody, from experienced Amazon sellers to eCommerce newbies. The following are examples of typical AMZScout customers.

  • Amazon sellers looking to optimize their product research and increase sales
  • E-commerce entrepreneurs, Amazon vendors
  • Private label sellers, Amazon FBA sellers
  • Amazon affiliates, Digital marketers
  • Business analysts

Overall, anyone looking to sell or promote products on Amazon can benefit from using AMZScout. The tool provides a wealth of data and insights that can help users make informed decisions and improve their Amazon sales strategy.

Pros and Cons of AMZScout

AMZScout is a powerful product research tool for Amazon sellers. With its many unique features, AMZScout stands out from other product research tools on the market. Despite its many advantages, AMZScout also has some drawbacks.

Pros of AMZScout

  • Reasonable price
  • User-friendly
  • Multi-pack
  • Lightning-fast Chrome addon
  • Strong product database
  • PayPal accepted (could help people without credit cards)
  • Beginners and experts may use the tools.
  • Offers endless product research ideas
  • Provides a free trial

Cons of AMZScout

  • Less functionality than competitors
  • Doesn’t always display product info
  • The keyword explorer loads slowly

AMZScout Review: Highlights features of AMZScout

AMZScout is a comprehensive product research tool for Amazon FBA businesses. It helps consumers choose successful goods, check sales, and assess competitors. AMZScout differs from other product research tools with its various capabilities. We’ll go through all AMZScout’s features now.

Product Database

The Product Database helps merchants locate profitable things. Sellers just log in to the dashboard and add a product ASIN or keyword. The product dashboard then finds comparable goods.

Similar products with descriptions and photographs will appear in the search results. It’s clear. Sellers may then see Amazon selling expenses and income for similar items. Exclude goods with low profit margins, high selling prices, or high competition using filters.

You may browse categories without providing a keyword. This option lets you add a product trend filter and a product categorization filter. Google trends might reveal a product’s popularity and sales potential.

Avoid declining items. They are unwanted and harder to sell. AMZScout updates its data often, and careful searches often find profitable goods.

Product Database
Product Database

It seems that the AMZScout extension and Product Database share data, however they don’t. Web app has more product category filters than extension. Amazon organizes things by rank, but the app lets you classify information.

Web applications support extensions in many ways. The extension provides Amazon data, but the app adds data for several criteria.

Product Database helps you locate market segments that fit your demands. Open Amazon and launch the extension to locate products to sell. Add your desired goods to the tracker. Monitor inventory and sales patterns to buy things at optimal periods.

Product Tracker

Product Tracker tracks sales daily. You may store all things and build your own database to analyze and review. Track any product. Products are tracked when you save.

Your tracked items are included. Each product has three buttons left. The first button examines product sales, inventory, ranking, rating history, and reviews. This data may be set for 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 2 months, or 1 year.

Product Tracker
Product Tracker

Search Alibaba items using the second button. This option opens a new browser tab. Alibaba goods Google search results will appear here. If you like an item, click “Visit” to go to Alibaba’s page. The page will include entire item details.

The third option removes goods from your tracking list. That list may be erased anytime.

Keyword Search

The keyword search optimizes listings and finds keywords to show in search results. Hovering over the question mark symbol displays each field’s input. Like this screenshot, free trial users get 10 queries.

Keyword Search
Keyword Search

The screenshot shows what I received after filling in each field with search phrases. You may check each keyword’s search volume history to determine whether you want to utilize it.

  • Amazon Keyword Search
  • Est Month search volume (wide match): Amazon users who typed a term into the search field.
  • Sales for page 1: Total sales your items must have over eight days to be in the top 10 Amazon search results.

Amazon FBA Calculator

AMZScout FBA calculator fee calculator is a free Chrome plugin. It calculates fees and other financial data for any product. Amazon FBA charges different fees.

Consider per-unit, shipping, packaging, handling, and product return expenses. No matter how many things Amazon sellers sell, this takes time.

Amazon FBA Calculator
Amazon FBA Calculator

Price points for goods may change over time. They depend on product dimensions and sizes. If you want to delete an item from your product list if it doesn’t sell well. And how long you hold a product in the warehouse if inventory concerns emerge. FBA calculators do all the work.

Open the product page while browsing and this extension will calculate the fees and final price. Many variables make FBA expenses high. This eliminates several promising items. You can’t sell anything until you know whether the price and your profit margin is right.

AMZScout PRO Extension

Install AMZScout Pro on Chrome or Microsoft Edge to utilize it. Before buying a plan, you may try it for free.

Once you’ve installed the add-on, use it directly when shopping on Amazon. By activating AMZScout, you’ll have access to a wealth of useful data from Amazon.

AMZ Scout PRO Extension
AMZ Scout PRO Extension

The extension suggests products by category and score. Potential determines product scores.

The web app and extension give comparable data. The addon gathers data for the items and sites you’re seeing.

AMZScout Web App

AMZScout is a standalone online program and a Chrome and Edge addon. It provides revenue-boosting data.

The plugin provides basic functionality and real-time data extraction. AMZScout Web App is more complicated. Its characteristics and functionality are rare.

The AMZScout Web app doesn’t need Amazon merchants to access the site, unlike the Pro extension. The app has the capability to display the information. The extension is valuable.

The extension is really simple. It contains a real-time profit calculator . It may be used to investigate niche-specific Amazon search, product, and seller sites. Sellers may utilize Get Niche Idea to discover new income streams or target markets.

AMZScout Web App
AMZScout Web App

Product Score, Potential Score, and other AMZScout Pro features aid Amazon marketplace company growth and diversification. It has several uses and provides value.

AMZScout Web works with any browser. It offers all the extension’s capabilities and enables users see quantity changes for all their followed goods. The app contains a useful keyword explorer.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

Reverse ASIN Lookup works like keyword search. It solely grabs rivals’ keywords to increase product listings.

  • Amazon Search Keywords. Monthly Search Volume Estimated (broad match)
  • Amazon search results organic rank page
  • Sponsored Page: where the sponsored goods appears
  • Sales for Page 1
  • Relevance Score: how relevant the term is to this product; the greater it is, the more Amazon naturally searches it.
Reverse ASIN Lookup
Reverse ASIN Lookup

Discover your competitors’ top keywords here. Check each keyword’s search volume before listing your goods. Incredibly simple!

AMZScout Pricing

Is AMZScout free?

The monthly subscription for AMZScout’s Seller’s Bundle for Amazon costs $49.99 per month. This is a personalized offer that comes with additional features to cater to the specific needs of the user.

For those who prefer to pay yearly, AMZScout offers two subscription plans. The PRO Extension subscription costs $259.99 per year and is an excellent tool for product research that provides accurate sales data. The Seller’s Bundle for Amazon is the most popular yearly subscription plan, costing $379.99 per year, and is designed to provide a complete toolset for both beginners and experienced Amazon sellers.

AMZScout Pricing
AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout Lifetime Deal

AMZScout offers lifetime subscriptions for those who want to save money in the long run. The PRO Extension lifetime subscription costs $599.99, while the Seller’s Bundle for Amazon lifetime subscription costs $1,599.99. These plans are ideal for those who plan to use AMZScout for an extended period.

By joining our AMZScout group buy, you can get access to this tool at a discounted price. Order now and start enjoying its features.

AMZScout Conclusion

Take advantage of AMZScout’s free trial if you’re still undecided. You may explore its features and learn how they might help your Amazon business.

In conclusion, AMZScout is a robust tool with many features and advantages to assist Amazon sellers flourish in the competitive market. This tool’s reliable sales statistics, competitive research, and other insights make it popular among Amazon merchants.

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