Top 5+ Best AMZ Chart Alternatives for Amazon Data Analytics

Top 5+ Best AMZ Chart Alternatives for Amazon Data Analytics
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While AMZ Chart has been a popular tool for examining Amazon data, there are a number of rivals that provide comparable or even greater functionality. In this post, BestSpyTools will look at the top 5+ best AMZ Chart alternatives, as well as provide full explanations and major features for each platform.

What is AMZ Chart?

AMZ Chart is a powerful software solution designed specifically for Amazon sellers. It provides valuable insights and analytics to help sellers optimize their strategies, improve sales, and increase profitability. With features like sales tracking, product research, and competitor analysis, AMZ Chart has become a go-to tool for many Amazon sellers.

AMZ Chart
AMZ Chart

Why shoul you consider AMZ Chart Alternatives?

While AMZ Chart offers a range of useful features, exploring alternative options can open up new possibilities and potentially provide better solutions tailored to your specific needs. Here are a few reasons why you might consider AMZ Chart alternatives:

  1. Diverse Feature Sets: Alternative tools often offer unique features and functionalities not found in AMZ Chart, allowing you to access a broader range of insights and tools for your Amazon business.
  2. Pricing Flexibility: AMZ Chart alternatives may offer different pricing structures, allowing you to find a plan that suits your budget and requirements more effectively.
  3. User Interface and Experience: Each alternative tool has its own user interface and experience, which may resonate better with your preferences and workflow.
  4. Innovation and Updates: Exploring alternatives keeps you aware of the latest advancements in Amazon seller tools, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge features and functionality.

Top 5+ Best AMZ Chart Alternatives

Say goodbye to AMZ Chart and hello to these top-rated AMZ Chart alternatives! Discover the best tools for tracking your Amazon data analytics, all in one convenient place.


AMZ.One is a comprehensive Amazon seller software that covers various aspects of running a successful Amazon business. It offers a range of tools for product research, keyword tracking, sales analytics, and more. With an intuitive user interface and powerful features, AMZ.One provides valuable insights to help optimize your Amazon selling experience.


Key features of AMZ.One

  • Amazon Product Finder
  • Amazon Product Promotions
  • Sales Tracking
  • Negative Reviews Notification
  • Advanced Super URL
  • Hijack Listing Alert
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • On Page Analyzer
  • Product Alerts

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a popular all-in-one suite of tools designed to assist Amazon sellers at every stage of their journey. It offers a comprehensive set of features, including product research, keyword tracking, inventory management, and much more. Helium 10 empowers sellers with data-driven insights to drive growth and maximize profitability.

Helium 10
Helium 10

Key features of Helium 10

  • Black Box: Find profitable product ideas and uncover niche opportunities based on various criteria like sales estimates, competition, and more.
  • Cerebro: Conduct in-depth keyword research and analyze competitor keyword strategies to optimize your listing and increase visibility.
  • Magnet: Discover relevant keywords with high search volume to improve your organic rankings and attract more customers.
  • Frankenstein: Optimize your keyword lists by removing duplicates, extracting valuable terms, and generating highly targeted keywords.
  • Follow-Up: Automate post-purchase email campaigns to enhance customer engagement, receive feedback, and drive product reviews.
  • Inventory Protector: Safeguard your inventory from fraudulent purchases and prevent excessive buyer quantities with customizable protection settings.


Keepa is a powerful Amazon price tracker that provides historical pricing data, sales rank trends, and stock availability information. With its comprehensive graphs and real-time alerts, Keepa helps sellers make data-driven decisions for pricing, inventory management, and sourcing strategies.


Key features of Keepa

  • Price History Tracking: View the historical price trends of products to identify pricing patterns, spot opportunities, and set competitive prices.
  • Sales Rank Insights: Analyze sales rank fluctuations to understand product demand and popularity over time.
  • Deal Alerts: Set customized alerts to receive notifications when a product’s price drops below a certain threshold or when it meets specific criteria.
  • Browser Add-On: Seamlessly integrate Keepa into your browser for instant access to product data while browsing Amazon listings.
  • Stock Availability: Monitor the availability of products to make informed decisions about inventory management and sourcing.
  • Product Tracking: Keep track of specific products and receive notifications when their prices change or when new sellers join the listing.
  • International Marketplaces: Access price and sales rank data for various Amazon marketplaces, allowing you to expand your reach and explore new opportunities.

AMZ Scout

AMZScout is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help Amazon sellers with product research, sales estimation, and competitor analysis. With its intuitive interface and robust features, AMZScout offers valuable insights to streamline your selling process and maximize profitability.

AMZ Scout
AMZ Scout

Key features of AMZ Scout

  • Product Database: Explore a vast database of Amazon products with detailed statistics, including sales estimates, revenue potential, and competition analysis.
  • Sales Estimator: Get accurate sales estimations for specific products based on historical data and market trends.
  • Profit Calculator: Calculate your potential profits by factoring in fees, shipping costs, and other expenses.
  • FBA Fee Calculator: Determine the fulfillment fees associated with using Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service for your products.
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyze competitor listings, pricing strategies, and sales performance to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Chrome Extension: Access key metrics and insights directly while browsing Amazon listings, making data-driven decisions effortlessly.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is a powerful Amazon seller tool that provides a wide range of features to optimize your product listings, boost sales, and increase organic rankings. With its advanced keyword tracking, review monitoring, and conversion rate optimization tools, AMZ Tracker helps sellers drive growth and achieve long-term success.

AMZ Tracker
AMZ Tracker

Key features of AMZ Tracker

  • Keyword Tracking: Monitor the rankings of your target keywords and identify opportunities for optimization.
  • Negative Review Alerts: Receive instant notifications when negative reviews are posted, allowing you to address them promptly and maintain a positive brand image.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Optimize your product listings using split testing and conversion rate optimization tools to increase sales and maximize conversions.
  • Sales Velocity Tracking: Analyze the sales velocity of your products and compare it with competitors to identify areas for improvement.
  • Search Rank Tracking: Track the rankings of your products in Amazon’s search results and gain insights into their visibility and performance.


InsightFactory is an advanced analytics platform designed specifically for Amazon sellers. It combines data from various sources, including Amazon Advertising, sales data, and market trends, to provide sellers with actionable insights and recommendations to optimize their advertising campaigns and drive sales growth.


InsightFactory is a comprehensive analytics platform specifically designed for Amazon sellers. It offers powerful data analysis tools, sales forecasting, and competitor tracking features to help sellers make data-driven decisions and drive growth. With its intuitive interface and actionable insights, InsightFactory enables Amazon sellers to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

Key features of InsightFactory

  • Sales Analytics: Gain deep insights into your sales performance, including revenue, profitability, best-selling products, and customer behavior.
  • Inventory Forecasting: Plan and optimize your inventory levels based on historical sales data, seasonality, and demand fluctuations.
  • Competitor Tracking: Monitor your competitors’ pricing strategies, promotions, and listing changes to adjust your own strategies accordingly.
  • Review Analysis: Analyze customer reviews to identify product improvements, address customer concerns, and maintain a positive reputation.
  • PPC Campaign Optimization: Optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns by analyzing performance metrics, identifying top-performing keywords, and improving ROI.


Finally, although AMZ Chart has been a popular option among Amazon sellers, there are a number of other tools available that provide similarly significant features and functionality. Whether you need extensive analytics, keyword monitoring, sales forecasting, or competition analysis, the top 5+ options described in this article provide a broad variety of solutions to match your individual requirements. By investigating these options, you may select the ideal solution to improve your Amazon company and achieve success.

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