Top 10 Best Aliexpress Product Research Tools for Finding Winning Products

Top 10 Best Aliexpress Product Research Tools for Finding Winning Products
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Looking for winning products for your online store? Aliexpress is a prominent wholesale marketplace. How do you discover the top selling products? Luckily, there are many Aliexpress product research tools out there!

What are Aliexpress Product Research Tools?

E-commerce retailers use AliExpress product research tools to locate lucrative items to offer on the renowned online marketplace. These tools simplify product research and inform product selection. AliExpress product research tools often include:

Product Discovery: These features let customers browse AliExpress items by category, price, popularity, and more. Advanced search filters restrict product possibilities.

AliExpress sales and income data is available from several research tools. Sellers may use predicted sales volume, income potential, and historical patterns to assess product demand and competition.

Product Analytics: Product research tools provide analytics and metrics to assess product feasibility. This includes average rating, reviews, seller ratings, delivery choices, and more. Such data helps merchants evaluate product quality, popularity, and dependability.

Competitor Analysis: These tools assess product competitiveness. They may reveal the amount of merchants selling the same product, price tactics, and seller performance data. Sellers can see holes and opportunities.

What are Aliexpress Product Research Tools?
What are Aliexpress Product Research Tools?

Keyword Research: Some tools assist merchants optimize product listings and boost AliExpress discoverability using keyword research. These tools recommend keywords and phrases based on search volume and competitiveness, helping product placement.

Supplier Information: Many AliExpress research tools include thorough supplier information. This covers supplier comments, reputation, shipment methods, and response times. Such insights help merchants choose trustworthy providers.

Product Import and Management: Some tools allow AliExpress product import and management on e-commerce platforms. This simplifies product listing, pricing, and inventory synchronization.

Why should you do product research on AliExpress?

AliExpress has been the world’s largest online marketplace since 2010. It offers gadgets, apparel, household items, and jewelry now. AliExpress attracts retailers for various reasons:

AliExpress’s enormous product range makes it a merchant’s one-stop shop. AliExpress has the latest fashion, electronics, and home décor. The platform’s vast supplier network lets you buy practically anything.

AliExpress’s direct manufacturer relationship is a major benefit. Eliminating middlemen lets you build a deeper connection with suppliers, negotiate better rates, and customize or brand your items. Direct communication yields cheaper items, allowing you to make more profit.

High-Quality items: Most AliExpress items include high-quality photographs and extensive descriptions. Professionalism and attention to detail help businesses exhibit their items. These well-written listings may enlighten prospective buyers and persuade them to buy.

AliExpress services almost 190 countries. Merchants may access more customers and new markets with this worldwide presence. AliExpress can help you reach clients in North America, Europe, Asia, and other continents.

AliExpress makes dropshipping easy. No upfront costs enable dropshipping. You may sell things on your internet shop without buying inventory. You may simply order from AliExpress suppliers and have them sent to your customers. This avoids warehousing and lowers startup costs.

AliExpress Product Research Tools: The marketplace also offers comprehensive product research tools. These tools assist you uncover fresh product ideas and understand market users’ demands. If you want to offer pet supplies, employ research techniques to assess demand and competition. Profitability and pricing strategy may be determined by studying existing prices.

10 Best AliExpress Research Tools

We’ll discuss this before starting the fun part. You don’t need a paid tool to uncover AliExpress’s greatest goods! However, most premium programs provide great capabilities for locating AliExpress goods quicker and simpler. You decide!


FindNiche is one of the best AliExpress product research tools for dropshipping.  It features sophisticated tools for identifying the most lucrative AliExpress items, including a curated database of over 20 million products, a daily list of 20 winners, an innovative Ad Spy Tool, and a list of top Shopify sites. FindNiche’s database of over 80 million Shopify shop winners lets you snoop on competition.


Key features of FindNiche

  • AliExpress search tool and winning item database
  • Find AliExpress dropshipping bestsellers in any category quickly
  • Advanced AliExpress product data includes sales and orders
  • Look at competitive Shopify shops and effective Facebook ads
  • Limited free version and low-cost subscription options from $9/month


AliShark is a giant AliExpress search engine. They just have one huge tool with as many filter choices as you could want. What product search filters does AliShark offer? A much! Let’s see below.


Key features of Alishark

  • Source filters. It’s self-explanatory. Banggood data was added to AliExpress data.
  • Niche filter. Filter by specialty. The “All” button displays various goods, which is wonderful.
  • Top nations. If you choose the US and France, it will show you things offered there. This is great if you want to concentrate on one nation and get ideas for popular items.
  • Shipping methods filter. This filter shows only goods with ePacket or AliExpress Standard shipping.
  • Sort by shipping nation. If you just want to view things from China, the US, etc., this option is great.
  • Price filter. You may choose a minimum and maximum product price. Leave the minimum blank ($0) and the maximum $30. AliShark will now display $30-max goods. This helps you offer cheaper things on your internet business.
  • Order totals. Price and total orders may be compared. Set the limit to 1000 to view only goods with low sales.
  • Daily orders filter. You believe the minimum daily order should be 10. Filtering shows goods with over 10 daily orders. If you want to avoid seeing items without daily orders, this is great.
  • Votes filter. Filter by AliExpress product reviews.
  • Wishlist filter. This is similar to filtering by “Votes,” however you may filter by the number of individuals who put an item to their wishlist. More individuals are interested in a greater number.
  • We assume it will take a long time to try and mix all the filter settings and see their varied combinations! AliShark charges $20 per month with a $1 2-day trial.


AliInsider is a revolutionary tool for uncovering top-selling AliExpress items and successful niche ideas without hours of manual research. This is one of the most advanced AliExpress product research tools, with a Chrome plugin that displays total orders, growth rate, and delivery choices for every product. AliInsider also has a daily-updated database of over 30,000 best-selling AliExpress items with ties to top suppliers.


Key features of AliInsider

  • Innovative Chrome plugin for AliExpress product research
  • Show average sales, orders, and reviews instantly
  • Over 20,000 active downloads, stable and easy
  • Includes over 30,000 AliExpress bestsellers
  • Free version with all features for $19.95/month


Ecomhunt, another famous AliExpress product research tool, has a curated database of over 1000 successful dropshipping items with extensive sales statistics and analytics including total orders, profit margins, and reviews.


Ecomhunt also lists the finest AliExpress suppliers, current social media campaigns, and suggested ad targeting. Ecomhunt, one of the most affordable AliExpress product research tools, offers a free edition and unlimited access for $20/month.

Key features of Ecomhunt

  • Popular AliExpress product database.
  • Sales performance statistics and predicted earnings.
  • Top AliExpress vendors and active Facebook ads.
  • Find eBay and dropshipping bestsellers quickly.
  • Free plan for basic product and sales data.

Zik Analytics

ZIK Analytics, a renowned market research tool, helps merchants locate successful things to offer on E-commerce platforms. The website has eBay and AliExpress product research tools.

You may receive a glimpse of any product’s market with ZIK Analytics. The number of listings, number of things sold, average product price, total sales revenues in dollars, and historical graphs are available.

Zik Analytics
Zik Analytics

Price, votes, rating, delivery methods, and sales may be filtered in ZIK Analytics. You may also evaluate the supplier’s performance, what’s selling, and obtain new product ideas for your online shop. You may then rapidly determine a supplier’s trustworthiness by seeing their seller ratings, income, and tenure.

Daily thousands of people trust ZIK analytics. It helps merchants locate lucrative Ecommerce items using market research. More than an eBay product search engine, this website provides. AliExpress research is also available.

Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend is a top product research tool. Its sophisticated features will amaze you. Filtering and sorting are plentiful. You may select goods by price or order quantity. Sort by video availability.

Sell The Trend
Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend’s product graphs are our favorite. This graph displays product orders over time. Find an item with a rising graph! Naturally, the finest goods have graphs that rise. This shows AliExpress’s product demand.

Key features of Sell The Trend

  • 7 million products in 83 eCommerce niches
  • Store Automation
  • 1-Click Push to Store
  • Thousands of Ranked & Rated Suppliers at your fingertips
  • Automated Order Fulfillment
  • Marketing Tools
  • NEXUS Product Research

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is featuring over 5000 best-selling goods from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. As well as thousands of winning items from eBay and Amazon, is the most sophisticated AliExpress research tool.

Dropship Spy
Dropship Spy

Each product in the Dropship Spy database has been handpicked by market research and dropshipping professionals for strong social interaction and sales. Review sales data, social media interactions, customer ratings, top AliExpress suppliers, and successful sellers’ live Facebook or Instagram advertising to quickly identify and analyze items.

Key features of Dropship Spy

  • 5000+ best-selling goods and genres.
  • Examine sales and social media interaction data.
  • Find top suppliers on AliExpress and other websites.
  • Access video advertisements, recommended wording, and targeting choices.
  • Import AliExpress items and reviews in minutes.


Niche Scraper‘s cutting-edge features include a Shopify spy tool, video ad generator, and database of over 1000 successful AliExpress items. Niche Scraper is similarly simple. Browse the network of best-selling items and import them to Shopify with a few clicks. Premium membership unlocks all tools, items, and sales data, while the free version limits daily product scraping.


Key features of NicheScraper

  • Unique AliExpress product scraper and database.
  • Find the most popular AliExpress goods in every category quickly.
  • Sales, competition, and top supplier relationships.
  • AliExpress video ad creator.
  • Category. This filter displays only AliExpress category-scraped goods.
  • Recent orders. Limited-order goods use this filter.
  • Price. Enter minimum and maximum prices.
  • AliScore. Its formula determines product “strength”. Higher scores are more useful.
  • Competition. AliExpress tracks buyer interest. This influences competition. AliExpress purchases may increase competition. Less is better.
  • Growth rate. This shows the 7-day sales rise. Better grades!
  • Recent Orders. This displays recent orders. This shows product popularity.

Dropship Center

AliExpress Dropshipping Center (formerly AliExpress Booster Program) helps merchants identify, assess, and find suppliers. Register here.

This tool doesn’t need dropshipping. Even if you’re not dropshipping, join up for the free program and acquire all their features. After establishing your AliExpress account, you may utilize this product discovery tool!

Dropship Center
Dropship Center

Two main tools from AliExpress Dropshipping Center are:

Tool 1: Find AliExpress items to sell

  • This is great for product research. Three tools aid progress.
  • Popular items. This tool shows current market bestsellers. This tool only shows AliExpress’s hot goods, not yours.
  • Image search. It searches AliExpress for items that match your provided picture.
  • Sponsored goods. This tool displays goods from AliExpress-paid suppliers. The first page might inspire online shop product ideas.

Tool 2: AliExpress product analysis

Use this tool to assess the performance of a product you intend to market. The info is from one product from the URL you input. Other sellers of the same things may be successful.


DropshipMe is the most popular WordPress plugin for locating and importing winning AliExpress items to a WooCommerce powered shop, with over 7000 downloads. Simply install the plugin, explore the vast database of over 50,000 hand-picked AliExpress items, and import them to WooCommerce with a single click.


DropshipMe is the number one plugin for dropshipping from AliExpress to WooCommerce, with professionally produced product names, easy filters to search items in any category, and the option to integrate current customer ratings from AliExpress.

Key features of DropshipMe

  • Plugin for importing AliExpress items into WooCommerce at a low cost.
  • It has a curated database of over 50,000 hand-picked goods.
  • Import all items and data into your WooCommerce shop with a single click.
  • Product names that have been professionally edited and include high-quality photos
  • The free edition allows you to import up to 50 winning AliExpress goods.

Conclusion: Which is the best Aliexpress Research Tool?

In conclusion, finding winning products can be a daunting task, but with the help of these top 10 Aliexpress product research tools, it becomes a breeze. From analyzing product trends and competitor data to finding hidden gems, these tools are guaranteed to boost your e-commerce success. So stop wasting time on guesswork and start using these powerful tools to take your business to the next level!


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